Terms And Conditions for Computer & Audio-Visual Equipment Hire

1. Rental Period. a). Unless otherwise agreed the Rentee will return the Rented Property at the completion or termination of the Rental Agreement. Any costs of return are to be born by the Rentee. If the completion date falls on a weekend or public holiday then the Rented Property must be returned by 5.00pm on the last working day prior to the completion date. (Office hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday) b) If the Rented Property is not returned to the Rentor by the end of the Rental Period then a pro rata daily charge will be made (based on 7 days for a weekly agreement type and 30 days for a monthly agreement type) related to the original terms and conditions. The Rentor reserves the right (at its discretion) to deem the rent to be extended until the Rented Property is returned and also to arrange for the recovery of the Rented Property at cost to the Rentee.

2. Payment Terms. Rent is payable in advance. Where a credit or debit card number is provided for payment it is provided to cover the initial payment as well as sundry costs , charges if the equipment is retained past the end on the initial rental period and to cover any loss or damages. Loss & Damage Waiver, delivery/pickup, installation, consumables and software loading, if required, are extra to rental charges and are payable in advance as agreed. Payment is to be made on collection or delivery of the rented products for the first invoice associated with this agreement and within 14 days for any subsequent invoices. The Rentee agrees to pay all invoices within the payment terms. Should the Rentee fail to pay any invoice within the specified time then the Rentor reserves the rights to:- i)cancel the Rental Agreement without notice and recover the Rented Property at cost to the Rentee.ii) charge the Rentee interest at a rate of 18% per annum (1.5% accumulated monthly) accumulated monthly and calculated from the date of invoice until paid in full.iii)charge Rentee for any costs incurred in the recovery of any debts including all legal costs on a solicitor/client basis.iv)charge the Rentee retail replacement costs of a current model new item of the same brand or similar quality brand available of any Rented Property not returned to the Rentor. Furthermore the Rentee agrees to pay these charges and accepts these terms and to allow entry by the Rentor or his agents to the premises where the equipment is present should the Rentor wish to recover the Rented Property.

3. Change of Address. The Rentee will notify the Rentor without delay of any change of address or telephone number during the period of this agreement.

4. Care of Products. The condition of the Rented Property is recorded on the Rental Agreement. The Rentee will take good care of the Rented Property. Any damage (other than fair wear and tear) will be repaired by the Rentor or its appointee and will be charged to the Rentee. If any of the Rented Property is lost or stolen during the Rental Period, or extensions thereof and the Rentor's Loss & Damage Waiver option has not been purchased or in the case that the Rentor's Loss & Damage Waiver option has been purchased and the circumstances surrounding the loss or theft is subsequently deemed by the Rentor to be excluded, the Rentor reserves the right to charge the Rentee the retail price of the lost or stolen item/s. In the event of loss or damage of the Rented Property the rental charges will continue until the Retail Price of the Rented Property is paid for in full by the Rentee which amount is in addition to the rental charges paid.

5. Insurance. The Rentee will insure the Rental Property during the Rental Period or any extensions thereof, for all the eventualities pertaining to clause 4 of these conditions or will purchase the Rentor's Loss & Damage Waiver.

6. Loss & Damage Waiver. The Rentor's Loss & Damage Waiver policy covers accidental loss or damage as a result of physical and external means. This Loss & Damage Waiver policy is subject to: a) The Rentee immediately notifying the Rentor of any damage or loss. In the event of theft the police must be notified within 24 hours and a copy of the police report submitted to the Rentor, b) the Rentee submits a written statement ("Loss & Damage Waiver Report") detailing the loss or damage sustained, how it arose and what action was taken to minimise the loss or damage, c) The Rentee pays a £200 processing fee when submitting the Loss & Damage Waiver Report. The Rentee accepts and agrees that the Loss and Damage Waiver Policy set out herein only covers losses detailed above and any other loss including but without limitation any personal injury or any consequential loss either directly or indirectly as a result of damage to or loss of the covered items shall be excluded and specifically agrees that the following exclusions to a successful claim on the Loss & Damage Waiver apply: a) Any Item being dropped overboard on inland or coastal waters, b) Theft without forced or violent entry, c) Theft by the Rentee, its agents or employees or while not in their direct control, d) Misuse or abuse of item(s) e) Any acts of negligence, malice, lack of care or any deliberate act(s) causing loss or damage.

7. Indemnity. The Rentee hereby agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the Rentor from and against all costs, action, liabilities and suits including the payment of the Rentor's legal fees, arising out of or in any way related to:- a) the Rentee's breach of any provision of the Rental Agreement, the insurance referred to in clause 5 or the Loss & Damage Waiver referred to in clause 6. b) any loss or damage resulting from the use of the equipment, in particular, but not limited to, personal injury, direct or indirect consequential loss or loss of data caused by fault or computer virus.

8. Equipment Malfunctions. Should the Rented Property malfunction for reasons other than misuse or accidental damage, then the Rentor will repair the product at no charge to the Rentee (other than for freight ). If the Rented Property is outside the Glasgow/Stirling/Dundee area and the Rentee chooses not to return the Rented Property to the Rentor for repair then repair costs are at the expense of the Rentee. In the case of malfunctions or damage caused by accident or misuse the Rented property will be repaired by the Rentor or its appointee and charged to the Rentee. In the event of malfunction the Rentor reserves the right to replace the Rental Property with an equivalent system.

9. Consumables. The rental price does not include consumable products (eg laser printer toner, fixing units. The Rentee agrees to use only consumable products which are approved by the manufacturer of the Rented Property and not to use re-inked or refurbished consumables. Any consumables supplied with the Rented Property will be paid for by the Rentee.

10. Taxes and Government Charges. Unless otherwise specified the rental price shall exclude all taxes. Should additional taxes or government charges be introduced or the rate of any applicable tax or government charge change then the Rentor reserves the right to adjust the rental price to include such changes or new taxes or government charges. VAT will be added to invoices at the appropriate rate.

11. Software. If any Operating System or Application Software is included in the Rental Agreement then the Rentee guarantees that the only copies of these made will be for the purpose of security back-up. Further to this the Rentee undertakes to destroy any such back-up copies at the completion of the Rental Period or any extension thereof.

12. Microsoft end user licence agreement. The Rentee hereby acknowledges that its use of the Microsoft software accompanying the Rented Property is governed by the Microsoft end user licence agreement (refer appendix A).

13. No Warranty of Suitability. The Rentee agrees that the Rentor gives no warranty or guarantee as to the suitability of the Rented Property for any task or purpose proposed by the Rentee for its use.

14. Severance. If any term or condition of this Agreement or the application thereof is or becomes invalid or unenforceable or there is any error or omission in the information, the remaining terms and conditions and information shall not be affected thereby and each and every term and condition of this agreement shall be valid and enforceable to the fullest extend permitted by law.

15. Proper Law. The contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Scottish Law. Signed by or on Behalf of signature