Hire 1 Laptop for 100 days, or 100 laptops for a day!

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  • DELL VOSTRO TOWER: i7 Processor, 3.4Ghz, 4Gb Ram, 1Tb HDD

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LED Screen Hire Hamilton

Plasma, LCD & LED Rental

Our Plasma Screens are the undisputed kings of exhibition work, but have you heard the news? We've also added LCD and LED Screens to our rental fleet!

Call today for the highest quality plasma screens hire, LCD screens hire or LED screen hire available tomorrow!

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IT event hire hamilton

Desktop Computer Hire

Need some desktop PCs for a couple of days? No problem.

We have a great range of Desktop PCs for hire including Ultra Small Form Factor machines, Apple iMac and "All in One" Units, all of which can be configured to your exact needs before hire.

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smartboard hire hamilton

Interactive Whiteboard Hire

There's no better way of getting an interactive presentation across than by hiring a Smartboard for a day or two.

Choose from 48" or 77", the latter comes with a Unifi 55 Projector to give the brightest image possible, even in a well lit venue.

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Laptop Hire Hamilton

Laptop Hire

Rent 1 Laptop for a 100 Days or 100 Laptops for 1 day - we really are that flexible! Choose from our current range of five Dell models & Apple MacBooks then just say when and where you want them - job done! Click here.



Projector Hire Hamilton

Projector Rental

From boardroom to theatre, we have the projector hire to suit your needs. Starting from boardroom friendly 2500 Lumens up to an eye watering 16,000 Lumens to suit the largest theatre style rooms. Click here.


Event Equipment hire becomes easy with Quality Rental. From laptop hire to interactive wireless voting systems, we have everything that you might need to complete a corporate event.

Quality Rental have been providing IT and AV rental solutions including video conferencing systems and voting systems to businesses in Central Scotland for more than a decade.

Quality Rental have been providing IT event hire solutions to businesses in Hamilton for more than a decade.

Customers such as BBC Scotland, SMG Television Productions and the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre rely on us . Each of them are loyal customers that have been hiring for many years because of the quality of service & equipment provided. However, you don't need to be a PLC - we will be pleased to supply a projector for a day , 1 laptop for 100 days or 100 laptops for 1 day.

IT event hire Hamilton

IT event Hire West Lothian

We have a range of processors and memory confiurations that are suitable for most applications, but if you have something more demanding in mind, you can ask for a range of upgrades to suit.
Our desktop hire fleet is in constant demand due to the high spec and quality of our machines.
PC hire for events in Hamilton is our speciality. Contact us to find out more IT event hire in West Lothian with Quality Rental.

iPad Hire and MacBook Hire West Lothian

Apple products come highly recommended if you're really looking to make an impression. No machine looks as good as a Mac, whether it's a MacBook laptop or a desktop iMac. And if you need serious processing power, a MacPro Tower will number crunch with the best of them and look good while doing it too!

iPad Hire allows you to have the ease of controlling your device on a personal level. Can be used in smaller meetings for demonstration purposes or for any sized group for individual use.

Laptop Hire West Lothian

We stock a range of Dell laptops in different specs and screen sizes to suit any job in West Lothian.
Whether you need something small and light enough to take on a plane or a desktop replacement with a full 17" screen we can find the right laptop rental for you.

All our machines are fitted with a minimum of 4GB Ram and feature Intel i3/i5/i7 processors or later, so they'll take on any office task with ease.

Rent 1 Laptop for a 100 Days or 100 Laptops for 1 day - we really are that flexible!

Smartboard Hire West Lothian

There's no better way of getting an interactive presentation across than by hiring a Smartboard for a day or two.
Choose from 48" or 77", the latter comes with a Unifi 55 Projector to give the brightest image possible, even in a well lit venue.

These aren't just for schools, and as soon as you see one, you'll appreciate why. The whiteboard connects directly to you computer and a projector, allowing you to not only display a presentation, but interact with it. Four coloured pens allow you to write, draw & scrawl ideas all over your Microsoft Office documents, which you can then save and recall later in the session. Nothing else comes close for training exhibition presentations. Contact us today for more information on electronic whiteboard hire in Hamilton

Video Conferencing Hire West Lothian

When you can't be there, you can still participate with one of our video conferencing systems. Taking advantage of either ISDN or broadband, you can hold virtual meetings with colleagues in the same building or on the other side of the world. Once you've had a meeting using one of these systems, you'll wonder why you ever bothered with the cost, jet lag and dodgy hotel rooms you suffered by going yourself.

Voting System Hire West Lothian

Audience participatation really comes alive when you actually get the whole audience participating! Our wireless audience response system allows the presenter to get feedback from the audience in real-time, with results displayed on screen as soon as the vote's closed. There's no better way of getting medium to large audiences engaged than with Interactive Wireless Voting

Laser Printer Hire West Lothian

When you need to create a temporary office facility, you'll probably need the more mundane office equipment too, all of which you can hire from us. Mono and colour laser printers, fax machines and more are all available to rent at any location in Hamilton, for any length of time, truly bringing your office with you wherever you go.



From our base in Stirling we are able to deliver IT event for hire throughout Hamilton within a couple of hours. We know how important it is that equipment is delivered on time & is reliable. All our equipment is checked after each hire, with each computer being reimaged so that confidential data is wiped, anti-virus software and Microsoft patches updated. We use our own transport for delivery & the driver is the technician that will install the equipment.

Winner of an international award as IT Rental Company, UK National finalist in Small Business Awards


Call us now for IT Event Equipment hire in West Lothian on 01786 479 077 or contact us

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