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Interactive Wireless Voting Scotland

Interactive Wireless Voting Scotland

Audience participatation really comes alive when you actually get the whole audience participating! Our wireless audience response system allows the presenter to get feedback from the audience in real-time, with results displayed on screen as soon as the vote's closed. There's no better way of getting medium to large audiences engaged.


    Engage and interact with your audience
    Anonymous delegate voting to encourage participation
    Instant feedback of the voting results to share with your delegates
    Full report on all voting after your event
    Post event evaluation reports to save time and effort

audience response system ScotlandInteractive Wireless Voting is a great way to get the audience involved. It is also a great way to collect responses from a group which isnít always easy. Whether thatís in a business conference, training course, educational or event environment. If you want to make sure everyone has their say and you get the most representative set of responses possible for more accurate data, the best solution is an interactive wireless voting system or also known as an audience response system.


We provide interactive wireless voting systems to companies and individuals all over Scotland including Scotland.


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